What We Do

We encourage and empower plant-based food companies to source ingredients domestically, whenever possible.

We connect plant-based food companies with domestic farmers and suppliers to strengthen domestic ingredient supply chains.

We realize new, future-facing opportunities for American farmers and rural communities through connection to industry and brands supported by a domestic food supply network.

We eliminate the political and logistical barriers to domestic ingredient sourcing opportunities for farmers.

We believe that building capacity in American agricultural communities requires dedicated and intentional outreach to farmers of color—which is why we work to uplift and prioritize socially-disadvantaged farmers of diverse backgrounds, and small to mid-sized producers and processors, by creating key growth opportunities through the plant-based foods industry.

Why We Do It

For Companies

Many plant-based food companies currently rely on ingredients imported from overseas—making their supply networks more vulnerable to the sourcing, shipping, and transportation challenges that come with them. By sourcing key ingredients domestically, companies can build stronger, more resilient networks to support their growth and stability for a long time to come.

Sustainability is the bedrock of the plant-based foods industry—and domestic sourcing is not only an opportunity for companies to walk the walk on climate and reduce their carbon footprints, but to encourage farming practices that positively impact biodiversity and soil health, such as diverse crop rotations, cover crops, and reduced tillage.

For Farmers

The U.S. plant-based foods industry is growing fast—and as the innovative companies driving that growth continue to scale, we want to ensure that American farmers and rural communities, the soul and foundation of our nation’s food system, are reaping the benefits.

Creating meaningful opportunities for American farmers to get in on the ground floor of the growing plant-based market will bring much-needed diversification to the farm economy and agricultural landscape—driving the food system transformation we need on behalf of the people, planet, and animals and ensuring a bright, sustainable future for U.S. agriculture.

For Policymakers

Ensuring that American farmers have opportunities to produce ingredients for a diverse range of products and companies not only promotes economic stability and growth, but minimizes supply network risk—risks that were clearly illustrated by the pandemic and its destructive effects on our country’s food system.

Embracing the fast-growing plant-based foods industry—an industry that more and more consumers are turning to in their efforts to shop their values—means that policymakers can create new, profitable opportunities for their constituents and local agricultural communities to thrive and invest in their long-term viability.

Our climate is in crisis—and if we’re going to pull our planet back from the brink, our food system must play a key role in our efforts to preserve the planet for our children. Investment in domestic sourcing means helping American companies reduce their climate impacts, and it means helping American farmers find ways to engage in climate and environment-friendly practices while maintaining their bottom lines.

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