What We Do

We empower plant-based food companies to prioritize sustainably sourced ingredients, and connect them with North American farmers and suppliers to shorten and strengthen their supply chains.

We strengthen sustainable, plant-based supply networks by facilitating the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices that promote biodiversity, nutrition, and soil health.

We promote equity across our food system by helping plant-based companies support and improve livelihoods for diverse and historically marginalized farmers, workers, and communities.

Why We Do It

Sustainable sourcing practices bring economic opportunity to rural communities, increase supply network resilience, and ensure long-term profitability for North American farmers.

Regenerative agriculture promotes soil health, improves water and air quality, increases biodiversity, and reduces reliance on climate-degrading fossil fuels.

Supporting diverse and historically marginalized farmers increases equity across plant-based food supply networks, enriches farming communities, and makes regenerative agriculture accessible to all.

How We Do It

We facilitate change through cutting-edge research, best practices, in-depth training, pilot programs, relationship building, and educational initiatives for key players at every level of our food system.

We drive conversation by amplifying our participants’ achievements, sharing the benefits of sustainable agriculture, and changing hearts and minds through strategic communications.

We promote long-term system transformation through policy campaigns to advance domestic sourcing, regenerative practices, and equity in the plant-based foods industry.

Who We Work With

We work with plant-based food companies to build stronger, more resilient supply networks; mitigate their climate impacts; and encourage farming practices that improve biodiversity and soil health.    

We work with North American farmers to get them in on the ground floor of the growing plant-based food market, diversify the farm economy and agricultural landscape, and implement regenerative practices that boost their long-term viability.

We work with policymakers at every level to support meaningful opportunities to invest in their constituents, help agricultural communities thrive, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss, and boost farmers’ bottom lines.

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