From Soil to Snacks: How Snacktivist Foods is Partnering with Farmers to Produce Better Foods

Join hosts Carl Jorgensen and Renee Nickelson as they delve into the captivating world of sustainable sourcing in plant-based foods. PBFI’s Sustainable Sourcing Initiative works to empower plant-based food companies to prioritize sustainably sourced ingredients, and connect them with North American farmers and suppliers to shorten and strengthen their supply chains. The goal is to strengthen sustainable, plant-based supply networks by facilitating the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices that promote biodiversity, nutrition, and soil health. Through SSI, we promote equity across our food system by helping plant-based companies support and improve livelihoods for diverse and historically marginalized farmers, workers, and communities.

In this interview, Renee and Carl speak with Joni Kindwall-Moore, the founder and CEO of Snacktivist Foods (a company member of PBFA), and Martin Goter, an organic, biodynamic, and regenerative farmer from Woodworth, North Dakota. They discuss the remarkable business strategies behind Snacktivist Foods, explore Joni’s inspiring collaborations with farmers like Martin, and gain valuable insights into domestic ingredient sourcing, regenerative agriculture, and more. Prepare to be inspired as they uncover the profound journey from soil to snacks, highlighting how Snacktivist Foods is partnering with farmers to produce better, healthier, and more sustainable food options.

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