Sustainable Sourcing Summit

The Plant Based Foods Institute’s Sustainable Sourcing Summit


PBFI’s inaugural Sustainable Sourcing Summit brings together the plant-based food industry around a compelling vision: To catalyze a regenerative movement in our industry that builds soil health and protects biodiversity, inclusively provides economic opportunity to all food system stakeholders, and increases access to nutritious food, while supporting long-term growth and stability of the plant-based foods industry. Join us for learning and dialogue around the transformative potential of the plant-based foods sector.

What to expect

This virtual summit will be a unique opportunity to meet plant-based food stakeholders across the entire spectrum of the industry, from farmers to retailers. As conversations unfold, we’ll learn what “regenerative” can mean for the entire plant-based food business. Discussions will be led by expert panels, and our dynamic programming itinerary will also include presentations on regeneration in agriculture and other sectors of the plant-based foods industry, open dialogue, and targeted breakout sessions. 

Who should attend

Stakeholders of the plant-based foods industry, including: 

  • Food businesses that manufacture, distribute, or sell plant-based foods 
  • Middle-to-large agricultural businesses; 
  • Food industry leaders of sustainability, sourcing, equity and value-based initiatives 
  • Scholars and researchers (food systems, business, sustainability, food science);
  • Farm service outreach and non-profit organizations focused on food & farm advocacy 
  • Organizations promoting plant-based diets 

If you are interested in joining this foundational Summit, please fill out and submit the Sustainable Sourcing Summit interest form.

What we’ll accomplish

Together, we’ll catalyze a regenerative movement in the plant-based foods industry that:

  1. Restores soil health and biodiversity.
  2. Inclusively provides economic opportunity to all food system stakeholders. 
  3. Increases access to nutritious food. 
  4. Supports long-term growth and stability of the plant-based food industry.

Together, we will produce a plan for an ongoing Regenerative Community of Practice for the plant-based foods industry, based in part on our collective learnings at the Summit. Join us to set the direction for the long-term growth and sustainability of the plant-based food industry!

Thursday, November 2, 2023 from 1 – 4 pm ET (Virtual)

Panel Descriptions:

Exploring the Transformative Potential of the Plant-Based Foods Industry

Panel description: Developing large-scale regenerative systems has proven to be more challenging than developing smaller-scale farming, processing and supply network operations. Economic and political constraints that generally do not affect smaller operators begin to come into play as business size increases, whether it’s acres, volume, employees or brick-and-mortar footprint. For this panel we have invited guests who are implementing regenerative at scale to share their experiences, challenges and advice.

Next Level Sourcing: Equity in Supply Networks

Panel description: Navigating the complexities of applying tenets of justice, inclusion, and equity can challenge the status quo in traditional business structures. But there are leaders seeking to implement equitable business practices in supply networks to create a more just and equitable food system. For this panel we have invited changemakers who are implementing equitable business practices in supply networks and other business relationships.